Consult Afrika Usalama has been implementing a Boda boda Passenger Campaign dubbed ' YOGERAKO'.

Consult Afrika Usalama has been implementing a Boda boda Passenger Campaign dubbed  ' YOGERAKO'.

Consult Afrika Usalama in partnership with Ministry of Works and Transport and Uganda Police launched the "Boda Boda Passenger awareness" campaign sponsored by National Medical Stores (NMS).. 

"YOGERAKO" campaign encourages boda boda passengers to speak up and advise riders to stay clear of unsafe passages.

Accidents happen in the blink of an eye. As a boda boda passenger, be part of the road navigation & always advise the rider to stay clear of unsafe passages.


.       As average speed increases, so too does the risk of having a road traffic crash & the severity of the consequences should a crash occur. For every 1% increase in mean speed, there is a 4% increase in the risk of a fatal crash.

Your Life matters.


The Campaign had 2 major activities. 
1. Public Awareness on Boda boda Usage for both Passengers and Riders, however with special inclination to boda boda Passengers. 

2. Supporting 2 hospitals in Trauma prevention and management. Hospitals are Luweero General Hospital and Kiryandongo General Hospital both along Kampala_ Gulu Highway.





  ‘YOGERAKO” is a Luganda word meaning “SPEAK OUT”.  It has been observed that many boda boda (motorcycle) passengers in Kampala and Uganda in general have opted to “silence as they have been highly subjected to gross unsafe road behaviour by boda boda (motorcycle) riders. This has contributed to an increase in boda boda passenger injuries and fatalities as noted by health facilities, as well as police enforcement teams.


The “YOGERAKO” Awareness campaign is a Boda Boda Passenger Awareness Raising Campaign starting this December 2023. The Campaign will focus on Kampala Metropolitan Area, as noted in the Kampala Annual Road Safety Annual Report 2022). The report on page 17, indicates that road traffic fatalities in Kampala increased by 1% from 419 in 2021 to 425 in 2022, The report also indicated that 49% of all death were motorcyclists (boda boda), and 60% of all serious injuries were Motorcyclists. This includes Passengers.

Based on the above information, “YOGERAKO” has been birthed based on the premise that Boda boda riders need behavioural change and the “Passenger” has been identified as a potential “Change Agent OR Catalyst for Change” to positively impact and influence rider behavior to enhance Road Safety. Some research studies have indicated that there is a strong relationship between a rider and passenger which is either positive or negative. Also it has been noted that riders will adjust their behavior to match the perceived behavior expectations of their passengers, thus making a “Passenger’, a Catalyst or Change Agent for Behavioural change to enhance Safety on the road.


Therefore, “YOGERAKO” Road Safety Campaign aims at:

  1. Raising Awareness on Boda Boda Passenger Safety in Kampala.
  2. Contributing to the Reduction of boda boda injuries and fatalities.
  • Contributing to Improved post-crash care on Gulu Highway in 2 health facilities (Luweero & Kiryandongo, where Trauma Counselling will be enhanced.


The National Medical Stores (NMS) has sponsored this Awareness campaign through its implementing partner Consult Afrika Usalama and is supported by Key partners, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Works and Transport, and Uganda Police Force -Traffic dept. “YOGERAKO” campaign will be implemented in Kampala. Boda boda passengers will be the main target and will be reached through several communication channels (Print, TV, Radio, Social Media, Community Mobile van) using English and 4 local languages (Luganda, Luo, Runyakitara, and Lumasaaba).


Why Road Trauma Matters to NMS:

According to the NMS Strategic Plan 2021-2025, NMS is committed to Preventive Health, and is alarmed with the current Road Trauma situation which impacts directly to its core support of Medical Supplies and logistics. Therefore, prevention presents the best option to give acceptable health outcomes at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of health management. Road Trauma prevention, management and control present a fertile platform to execute effective NMS Preventive Health. This resonates well with Uganda Minimum Health Care Package (UMHCP) that includes Disease and Injury prevention and control.