All you need to know about ONDABA ROAD SAFETY CAMP

All you need to know about ONDABA ROAD SAFETY CAMP




Globally, road traffic crashes kill about 1.35 Million people annually and leave 20-50 Million people suffering from severe injuries and disabilities. Uganda has one of the highest road crash fatalities in the East African region. 

The Annual Crime Report 2021 indicates an increase in road deaths by 14.9% from 3,663 in 2020 to 4,159 in 2021, with over 12,000 people injured. Kampala-Masaka Highway has become a death trap, with one of the highest fatalities in Uganda. Some of the contributing factors to road crashes in Uganda include over-speeding, reckless driving, and drunk driving.


 There is a general populace low road safety awareness, coupled with increased road impunity and poor road user behavior. The Kampala-Masaka highway is characterized with poor road crash response, with many victims dying during the golden hour and on arrival to health facilities. In addition, there is limited health capacity to manage road crash victims.


Why Road Safety Matters to Us:

Nile Breweries Limited, joins the rest of the Corporate World in the fight for safer roads for all.  We are building a company to last, and we know that safe roads are critical to the health and well-being of our colleagues, their families, and communities across the globe. Road Safety forms part of our ESG priorities and we are responding to the United Nations global call to the Second Decade of Action for Road Safety to improve road safety by reducing road traffic deaths and injuries by at least 50% by 2030. We are working with government, law enforcement, public safety organizations, academia, and civil societies and hope that our joint actions will help support this global SDG target. Previously, we have worked with Uganda Pólice on our smart drinking initiatives focused on responsibly marketing and selling and consumption of our products and discouraging  Drunk driving. This year, we are going bigger and bolder with the ‘Ondaba’ Road Safety Campaign.


Origin of “Ondaba” Road Safety Campaign:

The Ondaba Road Safety Campaign is a Nile Breweries Limited (NBL) initiative in partnership with Consult Afrika Usalama and is supported by the AB InBev Foundation in US. The origin of “Ondaba” stems from the fact that there is low road safety awareness in the country and very poor road user behavior, however, we can all “ see” the situation gone bad thus “Ondaba”. 

“Ondaba” is a multi-faceted expression that might carry a question mark “Ondaba? Can we see each other as road users? In observance of the bad road safety situation; there is need to “ Wake Up” and ensure there is Road Discipline and Courtesy on the road, and through Respecting One another and treating one another as Brothers & Sisters, and NOT Big Boys. 

“Ondaba” also calls for road users to be accountable for each other in their road Actions. Road Discipline and Courtesy promote Road Safety and thus curb road traffic crashes.



The Ondaba road safety campaign is an awareness-raising campaign starting in August to December 2022.

 The Campaign will have a special focus on Kampala-Masaka Highway with the main objective of contributing to the reduction of road traffic injuries and fatalities. Its’ specific objectives are:


  1. To raise road safety awareness among the Ugandan population.
  2. To contribute to safer road use practices in the population.
  3. To improve post-crash care on Kampala-Masaka Highway.



The Campaign is employing a 3 pronged Strategy for its implementation namely, Education Arm, Enforcement Arm, and a Post-crash care arm. The Education arm will empower & sensitize persons with road safety information and thus change road user behavior. Post-crash care will support emergency care & response for crash victims, while the Enforcement arm will enforce road rules and regulations.


Activities shall include:

  • Carrying out safety inspections and road user surveys.
  • Support blackspot improvements.
  • Sensitization of Road Users.
  • Training communities and traffic police on first aid care.
  • Distribution of first aid kits to communities and police posts.
  • Donation of medical equipment to health facilities.
  • Supporting road crash victims with Assistive devices.
  • Participating in National Road Safety Events.


The Ondaba? Road Safety Awareness Campaign.

  • Will trend on: Ondaba? Mind my Life….
  • Will focus on sensitizing the public on road user behaviour.
  • Focus group: Pedestrians/while blending in other risk users like Motorcylists
  • Risk Factor : Road User Behaviour.
  • Media: Radio talk shows, community gatherings, Billboards. Social Media.



Evaluation & Monitoring:

The “Ondaba?” Road Safety Campaign shall be monitored and evaluated for effectiveness through Pre and post-assessments, digital user surveys, Community verbal autopsy, Police and hospital records, Quasi-experiments and regular visits & observations.



We are Partnering with Key Road safety Stakeholders namely: Ministry of Works and Transport, Ministry of Health, Uganda National Roads Authority, Uganda Police Force- Dept of Traffic and Safety, Civil Society, Transport associations, Media and local Communities.


Fire safety training in schools.

Schools that have benefited todate.  
1. Ebenezer Prsch.  
2. Greenhill Academy.  
3. Kamuli Prsch  
4. Kawempe moslem Prsch  
5. St. Joseph's Prsch  
6. Makerere CU Prsch


Let’s Together Build a Future with more Cheers through Safer Road Use Bahaviours.